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Product launch: MICROSmart FC6A Series All-in-One Type CPU Modules and Expansion Modules:

Product launch:


All-in-One Type CPU Modules and Expansion Modules

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to inform you the product launch of MICROSmart Series FC6A Series All-in-One Type CPU Modules and Expansion Modules, in global market. The details of new products are as follows;


New Products: Please see the attached "MICROSmart series FC6A Model List" in detail

  1. 1) All-in-One Type CPU Modules: 22 models

  2. 2) Digital I/O Modules : 17 models

  3. 3) Analog I/O Module : 10 models

  4. 4) HMI Module : 1 model

  5. 5) Serial Communication Cartridge : 2 models

  6. 6) Expansion Interface Module : 1 model

  7. 7) Maintenance parts : 21 models

  8. 8) Instruction Manuals : 16 models (4 kinds in 4 languages include Chinese and German)

* All of above PDF manuals are included in Automation Organizer Ver. 3.10. * All PDF manuals will be released from IDEC web site to all users at free of charge.

9) Application Software: Automation Organizer Ver. 3.10: Type Number SW1A-W1C FC6A All-in-One type CPU modules are supported by WindLDR Ver. 8.10.

[Contents of A.O. Ver. 3.10] WindLDR Ver.8.10, WindO/I-NV2 Ver. 4.95, WindO/I-NV3 Ver.5.27, WindO/I-NV4 Ver.1.01, WindCFG

Ver. 1.76,

* Analog I/O Cartridge : 4 models which has been launched for FT1A series Touch can be used for FC6A series, too. * Serial communication cartridge cannot support FT1A series Touch. * FC6A series is supported on WindLDR Ver. 8.1 which included in Automation Organizer Ver.3.1, or later.

Product Description and Major Specification

1) 22 models are counted in All-in-One type CPU Modules as16 /O, 24 /O, 40 /O, CAN J1939 type CPU Modules.

2) It is possible to select power supply type in 100-240V AC, 24VDC and 12VDC. 3) CAN J1939 type CPU Module is useful for the applications which drive by Desel Engine what require CAN

J1939 communication protocol, such as special vhicle, generator and so on.



MICROSmart FC6A User's Manual



MICROSmart FC6A Ladder Programming Manual



MICROSmart FC6A Communication Manual



MICROSmart FC6A PID Manual



100kHz pulse output x 2 points and 5kHz pulse output x 2 points (direction: 100kHz x 2axis, 100kHz CW/CCW x 1 axis are embedded in FC6A All-in-One CPU Modules.

100kHz pulse output x 4 points (direction: 100kHz x 4axis, 100kHz CW/CCW x 4 axis are embedded in FC6A CAN J1939 type All-in-One CPU Modules.

Execution time (basic instruction): 42ns (Comparison with FC5A: 700ns (approx 17 times faster),

Comparison with FC4A: 1000ns (approx 24 times faster)

Refresh time of I/O signal of expansion modules: 0.4ms in case of 4 units of DIO 4 units and 1 unit of AIO

0.4ms (Comparison with FC5A: approx 6 times faster)

User’s programming Size of All-in-One type CPU Module is 384KB (approx. 48k steps) It is in CAN J1939type CPU Module is 640KB (approx. 80k steps) Not only programing size but also Device Memory size are increased for bigger user’s program and more complecated control.

The clock function is embedded as standard function in all of CPU modules. One of the key feature of IDEC PLC is Positioning control with pulse output, and it has been enhanced in FT1A series as multi-stage control and interrupt signal function. Moreover, Positioning control in FC6A has been enhanced A) Zero (original) Return function, B) managing Absolute Position for supporting and cultivating new potential application and market.

It is possible to use the enhanced PID which embedded in FT1A Touch, to FC6A PID function. It is available

Auto-Tuning for setting suitable values and PID monitor for Easy to See the PID trend in WindLDR with compatibility between Touch and FC6A, and it is customer benefit to be able to reuse a part of user’s program. Both of feature will help you to save the programming development.

The embedded USB port (type Mini-B) is useful for maintenance in customer’s system by up/ download user’s program and on-line monitor.

By using “USB Bus Power Feature”, it is allowed to up/ download user’s program from FC6A CPU module to WindLDR without power supply. It is possible to download user’s program without take off the CPU Module from its carton box, and it is convenient for OEM customers. (Supplying power from PC through USB port.).

It is possible to expand analog I/O and serial communication function by adding option FC6A cartridges. It is allowed 1 cartridge on 16 and 24 I/O CPU modules and 2 cartridges on 40I/O module.

SD memory card can be used as external memory device as storing and managing user’s programs. Also data-logging function is available.

Ethernet communication port (RJ45) is embedded on all CPU modules as standard function. Not only Maintenance protocol but also Modbus TCP protocol is ready to support any kind of application.

Not only every CPU module but also some of I/O expansion modules are removable connectors for avoiding re-wiring when replace module itself. Also, not only screw type, but also Spring cramp type connectors are listed in maintenance part for saving wiring time.

Same LCD (192x64dot) is embedded on FC6A HMI module as FT1A Pro and its functionality is also available such as device monitor, changing parameters and so on. As advanced feature, Web server and sending E-mail function are available. Also it is possible to add one FC6A analog cartridge.

I/O interface module are available on all type of All-in-One type CPU module. It is allowed to expand max. 8 modules after I/O interface module. (CPU module + 7 expansion modules + I/O expansion module + 8 expansion modules = Max. 520 I/Os are available)

* no limitation DIO or AIO. Every module can be expanded.

WindLDR is added new feature of FC6A system configuration. It is allowed not only to make system settings, but also to monitor I/O status by just communicating to WindLDR. WindLDR detects system configuration error and I/O status, automatically. Ethernet communication is also supported and it is also convenient to check it by remotely.

Communication monitor on WindLDR is available for easy maintenan

a) Higher executing time and scan time (17 times faster CPU execution time than FC5A All-in-One type and 24 times faster than FC4A All-in-One Module) (6 to 17 times faster I/O refresh than FC4A/5A system structure).

  1. b) Bigger memory size (6 times bigger than FC5A All-in-One type and 2.5 times than FC5A Slim type CPU Module) and bigger device size (2 to 27 times bigger than FC5A).

  2. c) Rich I/Fs are embedded

  3. d) Enhanced HMI module with Web server and e-mail function for remote monitoring and controlling.

  4. e) Enhanced PID modules for temperature control.

  5. f) Various kinds of digital and analog expansion modules line up for suitable PLC system up.

  6. g) Small size as palm

Regarding highly-exclusively FC6A CAN J1939 CPU Module, the target market is exactly one with Diesel Engines which are in the trend of more compact by automation control (by CAN J1939) and to meet emission control. It is required “PIN Point” promotion and sales for this field.

1) Leaflet and Data sheet:

English Leaflet EP1574-0 P. 4:

English Data Sheet EP1575-0 P. 24:

2) WEB The following software and promotion tool are ready to release to market at a later or subsequent time.

1) Trial version of WindLDR Ver.8.00, WindO/I-NV3 Ver.5.27, WindO/I-NV4 Ver.1.01, WindCFG Ver. 1.79, WindO/I-NV2 Ver. 4.95

  1. 2) Each upgrade software

  2. 3) 16 types of PDF manuals (English, Chinese, German and Japanese )

  3. 4) PDF leaflet and data sheet

  4. 5) CAD data

  5. 6) FAQ

  6. 7) Movie --- Japanese version (caption and narration).

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