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PLC and Devices Communication Interface

IDEC PLCs have communication protocols to connect with other device

it supports MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP:

MODBUS RTU: RS232, RS422 and RS485

MODBUS TCP: RJ485 and standared LAN cabling

PLC to VFD Communication

VFD Control via MODBUS RTU

PLC Cascade via MODBUS TCP

Temperature Controller via MODBUS RTU

WEB SERVER Communication Applications

The ability to communicate over an Ethernet network is no longer an option for most industrial systems, it’s a must. With that in mind, IDEC corporation is now offering a new communication module to our Microsmart family of PLCs, a Web Server Module.

This module meets the need of the customers by providing multiple features, including Ethernet connectivity, in one easy-to-configure, competitively-priced unit. No longer will users be forced to walk across a factory floor to check on system status when IDEC Web Server modules can offer remote “access from anywhere” capability. Now status can be monitored from both the office and the floor in real-time and for less than any other open standard or proprietary bus network.

The IDEC Web Server module offers multiple features bundled into one module, and can be used with several IDEC PLC models including the Microsmart series, OpenNet and Micro3C. The main features of the IDEC Web Server module include:

  • Remote maintenance allows you to use IDEC software(WindLDR) to remotely monitor, download and upload any ladder program.

  • Web Monitoring allows you to use Internet Explorer® or Netscape Navigator® to monitor or update your PLC with a custom, built-in, monitor dialog box.

  • Alarm Messaging enables you to send up to 32 customized messages from the Web Server module to an Email address of you choice or a Cell or hand phone*. For an example, you can be notified of and error or any processing condition via Email.

  • Point-to-point PLC Communication enables 1:1 communication between IDEC PLCs over and Ethernet network.

  • Touch screen connectivity means that IDEC HG2F, HG3F or HG4F touch screens and IDEC Microsmart PLCs can communicate to each other even when they are located in separate areas.

  • Security Access permits you to password protect any unauthorized access to your system.

PLC Programming Software To configure the Web Server Module, IDEC WindLDR software will have to be upgraded to WindLDR version 4.60 or a higher version. Standard features for WindLDR software include:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use ladder programming

  • Support for all IDEC PLCs, including Micro1, Micro3/3C, FA2J, FA3S, OpenNet Controller and Microsmart series

  • Available in five different languages : English, Japanese, Chinese, German and Spanish

  • Free upgrades for software

The bottom line is, for an easy-to-use Ethernet solution packed with features and offered at a great price, the clear choice is an IDEC Web Server Module!

Market Information There is a growing demand for Ethernet interface for industrial control and HMI devices. But other open fieldbus and proprietary networks still have large shares of the industrial automation market, but Ethernet networking is rapidly becoming more popular because of its benefits: low cost, plant-wide uniformity and fast “real time” communications.

Worldwide, the current largest consuming markets for Ethernet infrastructure products are (ranked in order):

  1. Electric Power

  2. Water/Waste Water Utilities

  3. Oil Refining & Petrochemical

  4. Chemical

  5. Pharmaceutical

Courtesy of IDEC

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