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Easy Series Automation and Control 

Count on a reliable partner for your business

With Schneider Electric, a world leader in automation and control, you get reliable ,robust, and affordable products for you and your customers.

When just enough is just right!

Answer to your Essential Automation needs at optimized price to performance ratio.
Optimized solution with Just Enough architecture
Discover Easy Machine Solutions. Schneider Electric offers one stop machine solutions( PLC, Motion, drives and sensors) at an excellent price to value ratio for simple packaging, electronics, material handling, textile food and beverage machineries and more.
Developed by a worldwide leader in automation and control, this line is...

  • Intuitive to setup for easy integration and operations;

  • Robust in harsh environments; and 

  • Core-function focused for optimized productivity

Delivers Easy throughout the whole life cycle

Easy Series serves essential automation and control needs that cover core performance areas of automation functionality : motion, human-machine interface (HMI), PLC, drives , sensors , control and signaling. These products are well suited to OEM applications having Optimized Price to Performance ratio with SE quality Enabling OEM Machine designers & Panel Builders to Deliver complete automated systems with High Quality, Reliability & performance to match market needs with no compromise on quality , ease of use or robustness. 

Core Products


1. Operator interface
2. Motor control management
3. Interface,safety and control relays
4. PLC and Logic controllers
5. Moulded case circuit

6. Easy sensors
7. EAsy Altivar VFD

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