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Schneider Electric XCE & XCJ Limit Switches

Schneider Electric XCE & XCJ Limit Switches

Electromechanical detection


Limit switches are used in all automated installations and also in a wide variety of applications, due to the numerous advantages inherent to their technology. They transmit data to the logic processing system regarding:

  • presence/absence,  
  • passage,
  • positioning,
  • end of travel.

Simple to install switches, offering many advantages

From an electrical viewpoint:

  • galvanic separation of circuits,
  • models suitable for low power switching, combined with good electrical durability,
  • very good short-circuit withstand in coordination with appropriate fuses,
  • total immunity to electromagnetic interference,
  • high rated operational voltage.

From a mechanical viewpoint:

  • N/C contacts with positive opening operation,
  • high resistance to the different ambient conditions encountered in industry,
  • high repeat accuracy, up to 0.01 mm on the tripping points,
  • simple visible operation.

Mechanical endurance

  • Major factors affecting the mechanical endurance of a limit switch:
  • operating speed and frequency,
  • operating travel (percentage of total travel),
  • cam angle,
  • environment (presence of abrasive dust, corrosive substances, etc)
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