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Schneider Electric Modicon 262 PLC IOT Logic-Motion Controller

Schneider Electric Modicon 262 PLC IOT Logic-Motion Controller

Modicon M262

IIoT-ready logic & motion controller for performance machines

Part of Modicon

Modicon M262 controllers embed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) protocols and encryption to provide direct cloud connectivity & digital services.


  • About Modicon M262

    With embedded Cloud protocols such as MQTT, OPC UA Server and Client, API, and TLS encryption, Modicon M262, our IIoT-ready logic and motion controller, can be directly connected to the cloud and push data to EcoStruxure Machine Advisor while taking care of cybersecurity.
    As an edge controller, it provides benchmark performance with 3 ns/inst. for logic applications and up to 24 synchronized axes in 4 ms or 8 axes in 1 ms for motion with an all-in-one motion controller. With its dual-core CPU, it efficiently manages parallel application and communication.

The Modicon M262 is ultra-connected while protected by end-to-end cybersecurity and encrypted communication:
• Machine to devices: Thanks to open protocols such as OPC UA client/server, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Sercos.
• Machine to human: With improved diagnostics, Machine Assistant, and integrated WebVisu, saving time on commissioning and maintenance.
• Machine to plant: With a large choice of protocols and services, the Modicon M262 can be easily connected to ERP, MES, SCADA, CMS, CMMS…
• Direct machine to cloud: Push your data to cloud-based solutions such as EcoStruxure Machine Advisor​. Boost controller and digital machine capabilities through the many existing cloud applications using API.

The productivity of motion-centric machines is directly related to system reaction time, set-point frequency, and functionalities. With as fast as 1 ms real-time bus cycle time to synchronize axes, the Modicon M262 is one of the fastest and most precise motion controllers in its category for general motion control, CNC, and point-to-point robotics:
• Real-time communication from control with excellent autotuning capabilities in our Lexium servo drives for high-quality production results
• Camming functions for synchronized motion design
• Different actuator modes, using synchronous position or velocity
• 3D / G-code editor for motion design with parallel textual and graphical display and DXF import
• CNC library and editors, with all function blocks for interpolations, path processing, and compensation 
 PLCopen - aligned function blocks

Product scope

Modicon M262 logic and motion controller is:
• IIoT-ready to digitize your machine and giving a key position in Industry 4.0 architectures.
• Connected to devices, machines, and the plant with encrypted communication.
• A performing logic controller up to 7 times faster than Modicon M241 or M251.A motion controller as fast as 1 ms for synchronization and up to 24 synchronized axes, using g-code and able to drive robots with up to 3 axes. Very well adapted to simple and medium complexity motion applications such as drilling, milling, printing, and camming or packaging machines.
• Scalable and using the same I/O systems as M241, M251, or PacDrive.
• Having embedded safety, allowing up to SIL 3 thanks to the Safety Logic Controller (SLC). Safety I/O can be managed through the Sercos network.

Modicon M262 range includes several controllers providing choice in:
• CPU performance: 5 or 3 ns/inst
• Maximum number of synchronized axes for motion-centric applications: 4 (1ms), 8 (2ms) or 24 (4ms) synchronized axes (TM262M)

Embedded features

All Modicon M262 controllers embed 2 separated Ethernet networks with EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP:
• Eth1 at 100 Mbit/s
• Eth2 at 1 Gbit/s, allowing daisy chain and RSTP
• Ethernet services available on those networks include MQTTs*, TLS, OPC UA, HTTPs method (API)*, DHCP, FTPs, SNTP, SNMP, NTP.
• One serial line, RS232, RS485 with Modbus, ASCII, and EcoStruxure Machine Expert protocols
• 1 mini USB-B as a programming port and a local virtual port for FTP, HTTP, or Modbus
• SD card slot, up to 32 GB with SDHC
• 8 fast I/Os
    • 4 fast inputs allowing events in less than 20 µs
    • 4 fast outputs switchable in less than 3 µs
• QR code with the unique serial number and link to a webpage about M262 maintenance
• Run/stop switch
• Modicon TM3 I/O bus on the right side
• Smart communication bus on the left side
* TM262M05MESS8T does not have MQTTs or HTTPs embedded.

Additional features for Modicon M262 motion 

Modicon M262 motion controllers also include:
• Embedded SSI or incremental encoder (configurable), up to 200 kHz
• Embedded Sercos, real-time motion bus in Eth1, that requires only one cable (EtherNet/IP over Sercos on the same cable)

Optional communication

Smart communication bus on the left side to add:
• Up to 3 separate Ethernet networks* (TMSES4) in addition to the 2 embedded ones
• One CANopen master (TMSCO1)Local, remote and distributed I/OLocal modules (regular and safety ones) with optimized TM3 I/O system:• 7 local modules• 7 remote modules (using transmitter/receiver)Distributed with:• TM3 optimized I/O system over EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP, allowing to connect up to 14 modules per bus coupler, up to 96 bus couplers per M262• TM5 performance I/O system over EtherNet/IP, allowing to connect up to 64 modules per bus coupler, up to 64 bus couplers per M262• TM7 performance I/O system for harsh environments over CANopen or integrated into a TM5 islandEmbedded safety integration with Safety Logic Controller (SLC) completed with TM

5 performance and safety I/O using Sercos.


Embedded safety

• Adding a Safety Logic Controller (SLC) to the Modicon M262 Motion over Sercos enables an embedded safety solution up to SIL 3.
• Mix normal and safety TM5 and TM7 performance I/O

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