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Schneider Electric MMS, Contactors & Overload Relay

Schneider Electric MMS, Contactors & Overload Relay

Formerly named TeSys D. Contactors and reversing contactors from 9 A to 150 A (motor control), and from 20 A to 200 A (resistive load control) in 3-pole and 4-pole versions.


The next-generation TeSys Deca series motor starters offer a reliable and robust solution for a faster machine time-to-market.

  • Complete range for various applications: standard or reversing contactors, star/delta, by auto-transformer, etc. controlled via AC, DC, low-consumption DC control circuit
  • Connectors: Multi-standard screws, EverLink terminal block, spring terminal, ring-type connection
  • Standard offer ready for harsh environments
  • Easy and safe direct mounting between the contactor and circuit breaker, thanks to EverLink terminal block (from 40 to 65 A)


Ground-up design

  • New modern look & feel of all machines 
  • Designed to meet the requirements of Electro domestic and HVAC applications


Build and commissioning

  • Easier to install and operate with multi-standard screws 
  • With IEC60335-1 compliance, improved fire resistance, and dustproof auxiliaries


Operation and maintenance

  • Digital customer experience for technical documents
  • Maintenance guide via EcoStruxureTM Facility Expert
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