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Schneider Electric Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

Schneider Electric Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

Soft starters for Process and Infrastructures from 4 to 900 kW

The Altivar™ Soft Starter ATS480 is the next evolution of soft starters for digitization optimized to meet cybersecurity standard. Designed to address process and infrastructures, ATS480 simplifies project execution and maximizes the availability of your applications, even in the most demanding environments. ATS480 builds on the proven robustness and start/stop performance extending the lifetime of the ATS48 equipment and preserving your initial investment by reusing current design.


Technical information

• Power range: 4 to 900kW
• Operational Voltage range: 208 to 690V
• Operational current range: 17 to 1200 A
• Operating cycle: Normal duty and heavy duty
• Motor type: asynchronous motors, IE2 - IE3 - IE4 motors
• Motor Control: Torque Control (TCS), voltage control
• Current limitation: 500% current rating (up 700% of the rated motor current)


Embedded functions

• Dynamic braking
• DC injection
• Thermal protection: Electronic overload relay, with PTC, with PT100 2- or 3-wire
• Pre-heating
• Smoke extraction
• Multi-motor cascade
• 2nd motor set


Cybersecurity functions

• User account management
• Restrict and disable functions or services
• Threat intelligence
• Cybersecurity compliant firmware upgrade


Communication protocols

• Embedded Modbus serial
• Options: EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, CANopen (RJ45 Daisy chain, Sub-D, screw terminals), PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP V1


Reliability for your operations

• Highly robust and reliable even for the most demanding applications or in harsh environments
• Flexibility to improve the continuity of the service of your applications



• User account management to enforce authorization
• Enhanced cybersecurity features built-in to restrict or disable port and services
• Threat intelligence to generate security related reports
• Secure boot and firmware upgrade



• Pump
• Fan
• Compressor
• Conveyor
• Crusher
• Mill
• Grinder
• Mixer
• Rotary knife

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