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GT3 Multi-Function


The GT3A timer offer flexible multi-mode/multi-range timers with 5A contacts in octal plug-in format. Time range up to 180 hours. Both power on and momentary input trigger type SPDT and DPDT contact configuration.


The GT3F offer true power off delay timer with 5A contacts. Time range up to 10 minutes in SPDT and DPDT contact configuration.


The GT3S is a Star Delta timer with 5A contacts. Operating input 120 to 240VAC


The GT3W is a Multi function dual time range timer with 5A contact rating. Time ranges up to 300 hours.


The RTE is a multi-mode and multi-range timers with 10A contacts in both octal and blade plug in format, with SPDT and DPDT contact configuration


Key Features:

  • Large variety of timing functions
  • Power and output status indicating LEDs
  • Mountable in sockets or flush panels


GE1A On-Delay

IDEC GE1A series of timers are simple, yet flexible ON Delay time delay relays. It is extremely easy to configure the GE1A for a wide variety of set times and is a perfect fit for the large OEM who wants a simple plug and play timing solution.

The GE1A provides delays up to 10 hours, two different contact configurations and are designed to meet most application requirements. With 8 pin octal termination and a variety of accessories, DIN rail, surface or through-panel mounting is available.


Key Features:

  • DPDT or SPDT + instantaneous SPDT
  • 8-pin octal base
  • 8 time ranges
  • Repeat error ±0.2% maximum
  • Large clear knob for easy setting
  • Instant monitoring of operational status by LED indicators


GT5Y Miniature Timer

Single function On-Delay timer with 5A DPDT or 3A 4PDT contacts. Blade plug in type with time ranges up to 60 minutes.


Key Features:

  • 4PDT, 3A or DPDT, 5A contacts
  • 4 time ranges
  • Repeat error ±0.2% maximum
  • Control settings by hand or screwdriver
  • Power ON and timing out LED indicators
  • Uses the same sockets and hold-down clips as IDEC’s RU series relays
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