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IDEC CW  Series Flush Silhouette Touchless Switch

IDEC CW Series Flush Silhouette Touchless Switch


ø22 CW series plane inlaid frame type non-contact switch CW4H type non-contact switch metal frame with timing function CW4H-DM1TGR-C

Plane mosaic frame type CW series CW1H/CW4H non-contact switch



As one of the infection prevention measures, the demand for non-contact switches is increasing. Especially in the case where a large number of unspecified people will be in contact, the risk of infection will increase.

As a kind of infection suppression, non-contact switch can be applied to many occasions.

  • Protection level: IP65/67, can be used outdoors, and has obtained UL Type4X (Outdoor) certification. Use weather-resistant resin material.
  • By controlling the two-color LED lighting from the outside, it is possible to return to the status of transmission and standby in time.
  • The far-infrared reflection method is adopted, and the detection distance can be adjusted up to 270mm. (Detection object: human hand) (Please refer to page 6 of the catalog for the "detection distance range of various detection objects" other than hands)
  • Timed models are available. The ON delay is 0.5 seconds to prevent malfunction, and the OFF delay is 2 seconds to switch from the original switch.
  • Proposals for use scenarios: places where a large number of unspecified personnel operate, places that require weather resistance and robustness, places that need to reduce the risk of infection and take hygienic measures



  • Public Facilities 
  • Elevators 
  • Parking Garages
  • Parking Ticket Machines
  • Air Showers 
  • Food Machinery
  • Clean rooms


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